About Me

Hi! I can’t believe that I am entering the blogging world,  but, I have to…I just have to. I am not a person who  anyone would think of as a writer, and I certainly do not consider myself one either. But my need to write and my need to be creative has pushed me into the direction of blogger/writer.

I plan to use my blog to write about how new movement of my mind and body leads me to new results both on and off my mat. I am passionate about my son Max, my two dogs, my movement practice, running my business, teaching movement classes, creating movement programs for special populations such as movement therapy for people who deal with limitations in the form of injury or poor body movements and for people 50 and older called QiFlow 50+ – a move young program designed to help older people live fuller and more adventurous lives as they age.

My movement therapy programs also include MamaBump Fitness – a movement program designed for fit pregnant moms. I do not believe in pre-natal yoga or fitness classes. In my opinion, if you were fit before you got pregnant and you’re experiencing a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, then you should be free to move and groove just as you always have in an encouraging environment, taught by someone who knows what it’s like to be fit and pregnant, in a classroom filled with other women going through the same body changing experience as you.

MamaBump Fitness is about community and movement to keep you fit and healthy as you grow your mamabump. This is a very new program, one that I am very excited about, and one that I can’t wait to share with you through my writing as it grows.

I am also very much in love with love your body campaigns and I have a deep desire to spread movement education all around the world. I have been a movement teacher for 23 years, I know first hand how important it is for the student to understand body movement and how to apply that knowledge to their everyday life, workouts, hikes, yoga/movement classes, etc.

I wish to use this platform to be a solid role model for my students and friends to believe in the power of possibility. I want people to do more than they think they can do, both in my classes and in life. I tell my students every day, “If one person can do it, then everyone can do it.” I am here to be that one person.

Movement is not my only passion; I am also passionate about learning all that I can about my Financial IQ and becoming a better business woman and entrepreneur. I am interested in sharing my thoughts on our current education and political systems, and truly feel that I was born to help create a world filled with entrepreneurs and compassionate leaders.

I love Ted Talks, audio books, podcasts and music. I believe in paradoxical living – a life where I consider the opposite of what I think or feel. I believe in the power of moving weird and trying new things. I want to share my love for movement and all things considered every time inspiration strikes.

My blog is my personal diary shared from the point-of-view of movement teacher and studio owner. I will also talk a lot about my current identity crisis – Am I yoga teacher, or am I not? Listen to my most recent podcast for more ‘about me’ and my movement journey. I hope to use my platform to make you think and move different, for I believe that the greatest power we possess is the power of our movement practice.

As Amy Cuddy says in one of my favorite Ted Talks… “Through the body we change our minds, and when we change our minds we change our behavior and when we change our behavior we change our outcome.”

It’s time for a revolution of sorts. New movement, new thoughts, new results. This is my journey as I twist and flow my way to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be…