October 24, 2018

Be a Yogi Entrepreneur

Everyone has a life calling, a feeling that resides deep inside our soul that pulls us toward a particular way of life or career.

To avoid your calling goes against the laws of the universe, and dodging it is still the single biggest mistake we make as humans. We are told to get a good job with benefits and a retirement plan, and to get a good job, we’re told to go to school and get a degree.

We are encouraged by our families and society to be a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, constantly pressured to choose a profession that ensures security and peace of mind. This belief system is our current domestication, one handed down from generation to generation. After ten years as a business owner, I believe it’s time to transition out of the old and into the new. We need a revolution.

What we’ve been taught is wrong. A degree doesn’t always lead to a high paying job with benefits, and a good job does not always equal success or happiness. The revolution is one of choice. The ability to choose meaningful work over a good job. When you become a yoga teacher you chose value and meaning over money, success, benefits and security.

I believe that teaching yoga is the most gratifying, life-changing work a person can do. Teaching yoga is not a job, nor is it a career. It begins as a feeling, a long lasting feeling of gratitude and service. It was once the title of yoga teacher that people worked hard to attain, but today, things are different. Now teachers want to make money while doing something meaningful. They want a career in yoga and they want to be paid well for their resumes and experience. It’s totally understandable but to make money in yoga should mean that you put the work into your career. Before we worked for the title yoga teacher because we taught one to three classes a week as a way to supplement our salary and get a free membership. Now teachers are trying to make a living teaching yoga and they’re finding out that it’s not as easy as they thought. It may not be easy, but it is possible. I am here to help you find your way.

My first advice for all yoga and movement teachers is to stop asking for more and do more. Be proactive and create opportunity. Take the yogi entrepreneur challenge and make yoga your career. Do meaningful work that leads to success and value and have a career that means something. Choose a career to be proud of. This is the revolution.

No matter how much you’re paid to teach generic studio classes you will still not be financially successful. You must be motivated and encouraged to do more than the standard. If you’re going to transition from a good job to a yoga career then it’s time to transition from old habits to new thinking. It’s time for you to become an entrepreneur.

I believe you need to get behind a business model that works. My model is not easy, but it’s simple.I choose meaningful work over a good job. My worth is not determined by the amount I am paid to teach studio classes; my success comes in all forms.

Join the revolution and learn how to create a system of success as a Yogi Entrepreneur.Implement an Ascending Transaction Model (ATM) to make money in your yoga business:

The ATM system presented in Chapter 10 of Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley is designed to earn you money and it involves four types of products that work together to generate revenue.

Choosing to implement the ATM system in your yoga business will increase your exposure, brand, and potential to become a successful yoga teacher. It focuses on gifts, products for prospects, core offerings, and logical next steps.

Let’s breakdown the four types of products in the yoga business.

  1. Gifts: free products that you give to the world expecting nothing in return.

As a yoga teacher, your gift comes in the form of free classes, community events, fundraisers, festivals, workshops and events. These are types of opportunities that show the world how brilliant your teaching is.

2. Products for Prospects: this is a product for people who want to try you out without committing too much money or time.

Creating a program or workshop unique to you is a great way to grow. Offer your product (workshop/event) to the public for a good price. Offer your product as a way to promote your direction, or passion in your industry. The product you create should be used as a way to share your ideas and philosophies in movement/yoga. Stay away from generic ideas/classes.

The classes you teach to the public, the one’s you get paid $25-$50 to teach are generic classes. Generic classes should pay you a small stipend, or nothing at all.

Look at this as a stipend, or your chance to teach to the public, not as payment for work performed, but as necessary and valuable experience. As a yoga teacher the studio is paying you to learn how to teach. Without experience there is no knowledge.

The more you teach the better you get at teaching. Look at your class stipend as you getting paid to get your degree in teaching.

Your product for prospects, be it Yoga for Dudes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Better Sex, whatever your product design, it should be unique to you. Your unique product design has a specific target audience. What is your movement passion? Do you love to teach biomechanics or meditation? Who is your audience? Do you want to work with athletes, or office workers? Design your product unique to you and offer it to the world for a small fee. Pitch your idea to a studio. Offer them 30% of your revenue to use their facilities. It’s here that you begin to make money teaching yoga.

3. A core product is what you’re being paid for.You’ve given people a taste of what you can do with your gifts and products for prospects but now it’s time to be paid when someone wants to access your core business. You must create a special methodology that makes your core offering remarkable.

It’s time to design a website, brochures and social media marketing campaigns to raise your profile as a leader in your industry. Your core product is a design unique to you. Your studio classes do not make you remarkable. Yes, people love you. Yes, you’re a great teacher. But you’re generic. Be remarkable. Create something that is not currently being taught at every yoga studio in the world.

4. Logical Next Steps are the products you sell to people who’ve already purchased your core business. For example, after a fitness trainer helps their client lose weight the client logically wants to buy new clothes. The fitness trainer could add a personal image consulting service to their business.

The logical next steps for a yoga teacher varies from teacher to teacher. Some ideas to consider are to open a studio, offer international retreats, launch specialized movement workshops, teach anatomy or biomechanics seminars, get hired to lead a teacher training, or write a book The options are endless.

My personal logical next step was to drop the label of Yoga Instructor. After twelve years as a yoga teacher, I was limiting my potential by labeling myself as only one thing. I realized that holding onto one definition or title was limiting my potential for financial growth and personal expansion.As Ido Portal says in an interview on London Real:“Changing your dogma takes guts. It takes bravery. It takes courage. You live for long periods of time with ideas of who you are and then you realize that is not who I am. That can be a very dark moment.”

The day I left my yoga dogma I felt alone and confused. It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was my only choice. Today I am a movement teacher, business owner, entrepreneur, mentor, FRC mobility specialist, FMS Coach, leader, studio owner, event planner, retreat leader, activist, mom, and a writer.

My whole life has changed since implementing Daniel Priestly’s ATM system in my yoga teaching and career. I’m becoming a better business woman and have learned how to provide for my family by making money doing the work that matters the most to me. I did it, and you can too. If teaching yoga is what you want to do, and if you want to make money doing it, then you have to be willing to implement a strategy that works. Be a Yogi Entrepreneur.

If you’re planning to open a business and would like guidance, contact us at info@qiflowfusion.com to inquire about our QiFlow entrepreneur programs and workshops.


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