October 22, 2018

Fall in Love with Your Limitations: 7 Ted Talks to Inspire You

The QiFlow tagline of New Movement New Results should mention what happens before the results. The new movement philosophy of QiFlow acts as the catalyst for continuous change and progress, but first, it will cause the student a lot of frustration and resistance. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you … The resistance is the challenge, and it comes in all forms. The most prevalent form of resistance is how students allow perceived and real limitations to hold them back from a physical challenge or experiencing physical triumph. The resistance holds them back from trying, but without the attempt, there is no change. The attempts get you there. You must keep trying if you want new results … not just in movement, but new results in life as well.

The human body is designed for full-range body movement. An interesting concept of the Ido Portal method …The movement that has the most potential to harm you has the same potential to heal you … is part of what I teach in the QiFlow FLOW style of classes. As in everything, it’s our story of limitation that holds us back from knowing our greatest potential.

My teaching is to awaken possibility in students through challenging movement and guidance. I learn to teach possibility from the stories of people, including my own story, of overcoming adversity and limitation. The following Ted Talks are ones to watch if you find yourself using physical, emotional or mental limitations as an excuse to sit out.

When a limitation presents itself: be creative, make small adjustments, change your thoughts, be patient, keep showing up, accept your limits and defy them.

Let the following stories of adversity prove to you that no matter your limits, whatever they may be, you can overcome.

Experience life, live bold, move young and fall in love with your limitations…


Amy Purdy : Living beyond limits

My favorite quote from the talk:

“Eleven years ago, when I lost my legs, I had no idea what to expect. But if you ask me today, if I would ever want to change my situation, I would have to say no. Because my legs haven’t disabled me, if anything they’ve enabled me. They’ve forced me to rely on my imagination and to believe in the possibilities, and that’s why I believe that our imaginations can be used as tools for breaking through borders, because in our minds, we can do anything and we can be anything.”

Phil Hanson: Embrace the Shake

One of my all-time favorite ted talks; it’s about an artist who lost his ability to create due to nerve damage caused by the years he spent doing only one kind of art over and over again. The nerve damage caused a shake that took his one way of doing art away from him. This talk takes you through his journey when he realized that he needed to first be limited in order to become limitless. My favorite quote:

“Looking at limitations as a source of creativity changed the course of my life. Now, when I run into a barrier or I find myself creatively stumped, I sometimes still struggle, but I continue to show up for the process and try to remind myself of the possibilities.”

Marisa Peer: To reach beyond your limits by training your mind

Such an interesting talk about the collaboration of mind and body. We all experience limits, but it’s up to us to reach beyond our limits by changing the way you think and talk. This talk is the science behind the mind/body phenomenon. My favorite quote:

“Whatever you tell your mind, it believes, so tell it something better. If you believe in yourself other people do too, and when you stretch your mind to a new dimension it never goes back because your potential expands as you do.”

Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity

“All you really need is one person to show you the epiphany of your own power, and you’re off.”

“If you can hand somebody the key to their own power — the human spirit is so receptive — if you can do that and open a door for someone at a crucial moment, you are educating them in the best sense. You’re teaching them to open doors for themselves. In fact, the exact meaning of the word ‘educate’ comes from the root word ‘educe’. It means ‘to bring forth what is within, to bring out potential.’ “

This is how I see myself as a QiFlow teacher. I truly believe it is my responsibility, one that I take to heart, to bring forth what resides deep within each of my students. My power as a teacher lies in the ability to awaken possibility in people and bring out their hidden potential. This talk encourages me to keep showing up as a QiFlow movement teacher, even during adversity and set backs. My favorite mantra these days is…”Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll look back and you notice you’ve climbed a mountain.” It’s a long, uphill battle, but in the end, if you change one persons life for the better, then it’s worth the fight. I love this talk!!

Caroline Casey: Looking past limits

My favorite quote:

“And if you truly believe — and I mean believe from the bottom of your heart — you can make change happen. And we need to make it happen, because every single one of us — woman, man, gay, straight, disabled, perfect, normal, whatever — everyone of us must be the very best of ourselves. I no longer want anybody to be invisible. We all have to be included. And stop with the labels, the limiting. Losing of labels, because we are not jam jars. We are extraordinary, different, wonderful people.”

Kitra Cahana: My father, locked in his body

My favorite quote from a quadriplegic man locked in his body, void of all movement except for his eyes…

“I know nothing about the statement of man without motion. Everything has motion. The heart pumps. The body heaves. The mouth moves. We never stagnate. Life triumphs up and down.”

Derek Clark: Power of Determination

I believe that if one person can overcome adversity, then it’s possible for all of us. The story of this man’s life makes me believe in the way that I teach my movement classes. All of us are built/wired to overcome adversity but we need someone to believe in us. We need people who stand by us and never let us give up.

My favorite quote: “Love, sometimes, is thicker than blood.”


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